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We are committed to provide high level logistics services, always aiming to the satisfaction of our customers through the best transport solutions.


Air Transport

Counting with the air transport efficiency and agility, we aim to cover short and large distances. Our operations and business with the airlines are clear and solid.

Sea Transport

Through our worldwide partners in many ports, we attend international export and import business that require sea transport.

Inland Logistics

Connecting ports, airports and borders, we have the solutions for shipments that need two or more types of transport modals for logistics operations development.

Customs Brokerage and Warehousing

We are a brazilian customs broker certificated company, able to act in any port, airport or border in the country.

International Business Assistance

We provide international business assistance to brazilian companies in export or import.

Special Transports

We offer special transport solutions for perishable cargo, dangerous goods transportation, live animals and others.

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+55 (51) 3557 4413
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Rua Santos Dumont, 1500, Sala 301
CEP 90230-240 - Porto Alegre
Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

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